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Journaling for Mental Health: 5 Styles of Journaling

Updated: Jan 21

The power of the pen to paper has significant healing power. Expressive writing is a form of creativity. Creative ventures have all kinds of positive effects on the right side of the brain. It improves mental health by improving mood, sharpening focus, releasing stress and anxiety, enhancing coping skills, and minimizing depression.

Journal with pen

Reducing stress can have a beneficial impact on your cardiovascular health. Reducing stress is a great reason to start journaling; the possibilities are limitless. There are many ways to use journaling as a tool. Here’s a list of 5 different styles of journaling:

Dream Journal

"For God does speak—now one way, now another—though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds."- Job 33:14-15

Dreams can reflect situations or events that we have experienced. Sometimes, it’s also a way for God to speak to us. In the bible, God used this form of communication to warn someone of danger, give them instructs, or foretell great things to come.

What are your dreams telling you? Keep track of them in a journal for retention and analysis. Find out how to start a dream journal with these 5 easy steps.

Prayer Journal

Keeping a prayer journal is spending quality quiet time with God. Life is filled with distractions from the world, such as our jobs, television, social media, and family. Journaling as a form of communication with God can strengthen your relationship with Him and spirituality. Here is one great way to start a prayer journal.

Poetry Journal

If you’re passionate about imagery, rhymes, language, and figure of speech, a great option is poetry journaling. Some of the greatest poems have come from strong emotions and vulnerability. You can even combine an artistic touch to the pages in your poetry journal.

Group Journal

You can improve relationships with other people using group journaling. This type of journaling would be great for friendships, significant others, or family. It’s whatever you decide to make it. Be creative with your topics!

Artistic Journal

Did someone say art? You don’t need to be an artist to keep an art journal. There are many options to choose from to show your artist side. You can use stamps, stencils, sticks, or pictures. This may be your journal idea if you want to release some creative energy, find your creative voice, or capture a moment.

Gratitude Journal

“In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”-I Thess. 5:18

Take a couple of minutes to write down what you’re genuinely grateful for in your life. The purpose is to reflect on positive moments each day and learn to be thankful for the small and big things. Find out tips about keeping a gratitude journal in this detailed guide.

Personal Junk Journal

A personal junk journal is a space for venting and letting out all negative vibes. This is a healthy option for coping with difficult times. Please don’t break your good dinnerware; you can save it for entertaining company.

There are many other styles of journaling. Whichever one you choose, there is room for healing through creativity and expressive writing. Guess what? You can have more than one style of journal at a time. Are you looking for your next journal to write and plan your dreams? Click the Buy Now button and start creating your story.


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