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About Chasing Serenity Blog

I possess a deep admiration for the art of writing, particularly when it comes to journaling. From a young age, my mother gifted me my very first diary, an exquisite gold and cream-colored book with pages adorned in gold and secured by a key lock. This personal sanctuary provided me with a sense of liberation. Throughout the years, I have filled numerous journals, discovering the therapeutic nature of the practice. Journaling allows me to engage in self-reflection, navigate through my emotions, celebrate my triumphs, learn from past mistakes, and chart a course for the future.

Motivated by a desire to raise awareness about mental health, I initiated Chasing Serenity Journaling for Mental Health. In line with the findings presented in an article from Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, which highlights the positive impact of writing about traumatic, stressful, or emotional experiences on both physical and psychological well-being in both clinical and non-clinical contexts, I aim to foster an environment where individuals can find valuable information on various beneficial subjects as the website expands.

Take some time to explore the blog and the Chasing Serenity online store for journals inspired by my favorite scriptures and empowering saying. 

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